“Full of wisdom, practical advice and engaging stories, Hiring Squirrels is told from the unique perspective of an experienced and exceptionally accomplished professional and it is sure to help you identify individuals with true sales talent.”Patrick Sweeney, Author, Succeed on Your Own Terms

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Peter Smith is a passionate and driven executive with an impressive background in luxury-goods Sales, Brand-building and Talent Management. He has more than 30-years’ experience in Wholesale and Retail; with companies such as Hearts On Fire, Tiffany & Co, Colibri, Montblanc and Schachter & Co. Peter has an intuitive understanding of the key drivers that impact Independent Retailers; with strong relationships throughout the US/Canada/Caribbean/Australia and the UK/Ireland. Peter is the Author of “Hiring Squirrels, 12 Essential Interview Questions to Uncover Great Retail Sales Talent,” available on Amazon and Amazon Europe. Peter is a frequent speaker on the topic of hiring salespeople and a columnist for the Centurion Sales Newsletter and for National Jeweler, regularly contributing articles on Sales, Leadership, Personnel and Branding. The Irish native is a graduate of Boston College and the Key Executive Program, Harvard Business School.

“Concise and insightful, Hiring Squirrels should be mandatory reading for all sales managers, HR directors and anyone else involved in the hiring process.” Jon Walp, Virginia Beach, VA

Hiring Squirrels

The difference between your business thriving, or struggling to survive, in the increasingly more competitive world of luxury-retail, very often rests on the quality of your sales team. As obvious as that statement may seem, what is less obvious is how you change the game to give your store the best opportunity to be successful. If you are a hiring manager for a retail business, where your salespeople are expected to influence the sales process, then Hiring Squirrels, 12-Essential Interview Questions To Uncover Great Retail Sales Talent is a must read.

Smith is a natural story teller – and he taps into his own considerable reserves of experiences to build a profile of real difference-makers in retail sales. While the author contends that more than half of the people currently employed in sales should be doing something else for a living, he also offers solid counsel on how to identify, recruit and interview people with natural sales wiring, who may not currently be employed in a sales capacity. Hiring Squirrels’ is filled with great tips and practical advice for identifying, interviewing and hiring great sales talent and it is, at its core, a very good read.

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“Peter Smith has incredible savvy and insights into the great game of sales. He is a scholar and practitioner in the field. This book is filled with his great knowledge and practical know-how. It is a great guide for anyone who wants to be more effective at building a sales team.” Tony Rutigliano, Author, Discover Your Sales Strengths

“Peter Smith is experienced, impressive and driven by a personal mission to improve professionalism in recruiting ‘Winners’ who bring transformational success to your business.” Michael Laing, Chairman/CEO Laings/Parkhouse Edinburg, Scotland

“Hiring Squirrels is a “must read” for any business leader that relies on the effectiveness of his or her sales force. Peter Smith helps to demystify the challenging process of identifying and developing top sales performers. He deftly compares and contrasts prevalent and historical wisdom with his own personal anecdotes. The result is a detailed portrait that highlights both the personal and intellectual considerations that we all face in hiring top talent. As readers, we are rewarded with tangible action steps that help us to improve the bottom line.” Bobby Blankstein, Princeton, NJ

“In a world where goods can be found and delivered from your own home, the real difference maker for Brick and Mortar retailers lies with the consumer experience that the sales associate provides. This is an extremely practical view on how to find and hire the retail sales talent that can make the difference. The examples Peter references from his own experiences reflect the reality that exists out in the retail selling world. The questions posed here can help surface measurably better sales talent. A must read!” Jon Del Fino, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Hiring squirrels is a must have for anyone doing any hiring.” Gary Hill, San Diego

“Wonderful! I think this book should be retitled. “The Bible to Seeking, Hiring, Training and Keeping Productive Salespeople.” Peter Smith is hands down the Guru of evaluating sales talent. The information in this book is simple and effective. I am thrilled to have it all in one printed copy. If you own a business that depends on Salespeople for success – this is a MUST HAVE.” Julie Sather Browne, Fort Collins, CO

“It’s a great book! ‘Hiring Squirrels ‘ is a breath of fresh air for anybody in the retail industry – right from the get-go I could not put it down. Overall it is very comprehensive, easy to read and to the point. A really useful book for anyone in retail management.” Aoife O’Connell, Perth, Australia

“One of the best I have found…anywhere!” Rob Panowicz, Olympia, WA

“After reading this, it made sense… I couldn’t have been more wrong when it came to hiring a true sales person. I was interviewing and hiring clerks.” Joel Hassler, Racine, WA

“Peter Smith does a masterful job at clearly defining attributes and traits of great sales associates. In this easy to read book you will quickly appreciate the simplicity of what really separates champion sales associates from the average and how to spot them them when faced with a hiring decision. Don’t wait, take time today to start reading this book. You will not believe its value!” Dave Padgett, Las Vegas, NV

“If you are getting ready to hire a sales person, this book is a MUST read. It had a different take on the interview process and gives real questions that you can use when interviewing.” Peggy Coleman, Baltimore, MD

“The most helpful guide to hiring jewelry salespeople I have ever encountered.” Alexander Rysman, Boston

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“Having attended seminars led by Peter, I’ve utilized his techniques for some time and I am adding some of the information from Hiring Squirrels to my process.”Ray Lantz, Claremont, CA

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